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NotesPlusPlus 9.1

NotesPlusPlus 9.1: Sticky notes Reminder software for Windows desktop. Create desktop sticky notes Sticky Notes organizer software. Desktop Sticky Notes and Reminders for computer desktop. Reminder software: reminds about important dates and events using various alarms. Send sticky notes over LAN/Internet, via email; attach files/urls to notes; associate sticky notes with file/window, save sticky notes as files, pictures; modify sticky note settings; import files to sticky notes, organize notes in groups. Strong information encryption.

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Efficient Sticky Notes

Throw away the traditional paper sticky notes and start using the completely free Efficient Sticky Notes! "Stick" your notes on the desktop and you can read important information at any time on the screen. It saves your money and saves your time! The software allows various background colors, with optional gradient effect, to be set for the sticky notes. You can also set the note to be semi-transparent so it will not fully cover up your desktop.

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CS Desktop Notes 3.6: This small program allows you easily attach post-it like notes to your desktop
CS Desktop Notes 3.6

This small program allows you easily attach post-it like notes to your windows desktop. You can use individual visual appearance for each note. Program have nice and intuitive interface and consume minimal system resources. To add new note just double click program icon in tray. If you will hold down SHIFT key while clicking, new note text will be set from clipboard content.

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Notes PP 9.3: Sticky notes for Windows. Desktop sticky notes software. Easy note taking
Notes PP 9.3

notes using different fonts and colors, set alarm and note expiration time, organize sticky notes in groups, attach files and urls to sticky notes; associate sticky notes with files, modify all sticky note setting,; set up default settings for newly created notes, accelerate work using hotkeys, lock sticky notes to prevent unauthorized use, import *.txt and *.rtf files to sticky notes,save sticky notes in *.txt, *.rtf formats; save sticky notes as

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Free Sticky Notes (Free Stickies) 5.1

desktop. Sticky notes will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can create notes with different priorities, hide notes or place them on the desktop, show only note`s title and use transparency effect - that allows organize your desktop the way you want it. Sticky notes with low priority are hidden under other windows. Sticky notes with normal priority are organized to keep standard Windows order. Sticky notes with high priority are

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SyncNotes 1.3

Notes System consists of a desktop software that allows you to put up virtual sticky notes on your screen, a web based system that synchronizes all notes from your PC(s) and a WAP based interface to view and add notes when you are on the go. The SyncNotes Desktop Client: The SyncNotes client is a windows application that allows you to create and manage notes on your desktop computer. The online notes and the local notes store are synchronized periodically

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Sticky Notes Std 5.0

Sticky Notes software. Desktop Sticky Notes organizer for Windows. You can create computer sticky notes, attach files/urls to sticky notes; send sticky notes over LAN/Internet; organize sticky notes in groups, save notes as files/pictures; modify sticky notes settings; import files to sticky notes; lock sticky notes. Safe operation in a multiuser environment. Strong information encryption.

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